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What is a Vladmaster performance?

A Vladmaster performance is a simultaneous Vladmaster experience. Everyone in the audience is given a ViewMaster™ viewer and a set of Vladmaster disks. A soundtrack of narration, music, sound effects, and ding noises to cue the change from image to image then leads the audience through the story. The glorious ker-thunk of tens or hundreds of ViewMaster™ viewers turning fills the air. Euphoria ensues.

What are these Vladmaster stories?

There are currently four different Vladmaster stories available for performances. They are Lucifugia Thigmotaxis, about the misadventures of a cockroach named Stanley who dares to go traveling across an apartment, The Public Life of Jeremiah Barnes, about finding an inordinate number of idled steam shovels in the forest and trying to discover who put them there and why, Actaeon at Home, a loose take on the Actaeon myth transferred to a turn-of-the-century man seemingly attacked by his own decor, and Fear & Trembling, the chronicle of a dinner party as seen from the point of view of someone who probably shouldn't have been invited. Links to the respective stories have more detailed descriptions, photographs, and samples of the soundtracks.

How are the soundtracks played at the performances?

Vladmaster performances have very occasionally been accompanied by live musicians, but, for the most part, the soundtracks are provided on CD.

How long does a Vladmaster performance last?

The actual performance time for each Vladmaster is about ten minutes. However, it is a good idea to allow for an extra five minutes for passing out and then retrieving the viewers and disks.

What kind of venues are appropriate for a Vladmaster show?

Vladmaster shows have been performed everywhere from art galleries to bars to highschool classrooms to 400-seat movie theaters. Because each audience member holds their own mini-theater in their hands, a Vladmaster show can be held just about anywhere. The main requirements are bright lights and a sound system.

What do I need to provide to have a Vladmaster show at my venue?

Vladimir will provide a ViewMaster™ viewer and Vladmaster set for all audience members. The venue should be able to be brightly lit because Vladmasters rely on room light for their illumination. Also, for Vladmasters with CD soundtracks, the venue should have a sound system able to play a CD.

Does the audience get to keep the Vladmasters after the show is over?

No! No! No! They must be returned after the performance. However, they are available for sale after the show.

Are there any size limits for venues or attendance?

Because Vladimir has to hand-make a Vladmaster set for each attendee, she must know ahead of time how many people will be attending. Ideal attendance is 50-100 people, however larger number can be accomodated with a good deal of advance notice.

How much do I have to pay Vladimir for a Vladmaster show?

Booking fees are negotiable based on venue, capacity, and ability to pay. Please e-mail Vladimir at .