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At the very end of August, Vladimir, the Apt Ensemble (Peter Broderick, Nathan Crockett, and Branic Howard), emcee Tim Nickodemus, and an extraordinary amount of musical instruments all squeezed into Vladimir's parents' Plymouth Voyager mini-van to tour the fine state of California.

While there, they met many wonderful people, learned not to play travel Scrabble on the very curvy roads of Highway 101, and destroyed the transmission in the aforementioned minivan, earning Vladimir an extra week in San Francisco and everyone else a ride back in the air-conditioned comfort of a rented Ford Explorer.

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Midwest Tour | Madison | Milwaukee | Chicago | March 2007
Gene Siskel Film Center :: Milwaukee Public Museum :: Taxidermied Animal Dioramas :: Sleeping Millipedes

Flaherty Film Seminar | Vassar College | June 2006
Vladmaster show :: University buildings :: Bunny rabbit

Vladmaster UK Tour | January 2006
Birmingham :: Hereford :: Bristol :: London :: Warwick Castle :: Kodachrome Wake

The Andy Blubaugh Vladmaster Experience
Andy Blubaugh plus Vladmasters plus martini

California Tour with the Apt Ensemble | August 2005
Apt Ensemble :: Eureka :: San Diego :: Los Angeles :: San Francisco :: Tim Nickodemus

2005 PDX Film Festival Invitationals
2005 PDX Film Fest :: Apt Ensemble :: Tim Nickodemus :: antlers :: Vladmaster set